December 3, 2007

Early projects

I realized this weekend that I need more space but since that's not an option, I need to get rid of some items. Deciding to purchase a one-bedroom condo was probably not such a good idea... especially since the idea of letting go of clothes, shoes, and purses (even if I haven't worn/used them in years) gives me pause.

Anywho, I've decided that I'll attempt to reconstruct some of the items and use then to make clothing for my furbabies.

That way I'll be able to save money (dog clothing can be pretty pricey) and practice sewing (yay)!

December 2, 2007

I'm So Excited and I Just Can't Hide It

I've wanted to make my own clothing for some time now... I even bought myself a sewing machine for Christmas in 2001. I just new that I would teach myself to sew and I be on my way to becoming a sewing diva and making most of my own clothes by the end of 2002.

Well, here it is almost 6 years later and my sewing machine has been languishing away in it's original box, still practically new (I did sew one pillow with it). I looked at it last week when I was grabbing something out of the closet and decided to do something about it so I called up the Sewing Studio and signed up for a beginners sewing class. I chose a small, independently owned shop over a chain because 1) it was cheaper and 2) it's actually a better deal because I'll end up getting more time with the instructor at a lower cost.

My first class was this past Thursday and I felt a lot less intimidated about sewing as a whole upon leaving the class. My instructor is great... she's very animated, informed, has been sewing since she was a child, and her love for her craft really shows. The first class really just involved getting to know the machine. We didn't do any real sewing but we did practice on paper by following lines and drawings that were preprinted on a sheet. The primary goal was to get us used to sewing a straight line, although there were some curves.

We also chose the pattern that we'll be using for our first project from a list that the instructor provided. I'll be completing McCall's 9172 view B (on the far right). I chose a beautiful green linen-look fabric since I'm going for a more casual look. I'm for-see this being a garment that I wear around the house or as a bathing suit cover up.

I'm always excited about learning new things and sewing is no exception. I do plan on keeping a blog so that I can see how far I've come and to keep track of projects that I complete. I also hope to meet new people in the blogging world... I've already come across several sewing blogs and websites that I've been very impressed by and will use those as guides when I need additional information because most of them are very informative.